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Find Vaginoplasty abroad with Mozocare

Vaginoplasty is a surgical operation in which rejuvenation and reframing of the vagina are done. Here, loosen, slack vagina, and
separation of muscles gets treated. Vaginoplasty is also recognized as posterior colporrhaphy. Vaginoplasty is complex and can be infectious but is very rare. After the surgical operation, several risks are linked such as vaginal infection, itching, and bleeding. But vaginoplasty is worth every penny as the end result provides a tighter vaginal canal, helping in enhancing sexual satisfaction.

How much does a Vaginoplasty cost?

The Vaginoplasty cost varies between the range of $200 to $1338.

Which other Vaginoplasty procedures can I find abroad?

At Mozocare, you can find Vaginoplasty in India, Vaginoplasty in Germany, Vaginoplasty in Turkey, Vaginoplasty in Thailand, etc. 

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Vaginoplasty is plastic surgery of the vagina, often performed to strengthen the vaginal muscles after childbirth and is often referred to as vaginal rejuvenation. Vaginoplasty is also used to correct vaginal defects or to construct a vagina for sex reassignment surgery. Vaginoplasty procedures may involve removing tissue, or grafting tissue from other parts of the body.

Recommended for Vaginal defects Vaginal looseness caused by childbirth Time requirements Number of days in hospital 1 - 2 days Average length of stay abroad 1 weeks. Number of trips abroad needed 1. Time off work 1 weeks. Many women choose to have a vaginoplasty after childbirth to tighten the vagina muscles. 

Ahead of the surgery, patients should consult with the surgeon to discuss their goals, and the surgeon can assess the patient's suitability.,

Vaginoplasty can be performed as a reconstructive or a cosmetic surgery. Depending on the desired goals of the patient, the procedure is performed on a targeted area of the vagina. Reconstructive surgery may be performed in order to make repairs of vaginal defects which may have been caused by disease or a trauma. Reconstruction may involve tissue being taken from an area of the body to be used to reconstruct areas of the vagina. Vaginal rejuvenation is a procedure performed to tighten the vaginal muscles and to change the appearance.

The surgeon will remove excess vaginal lining, surrounding tissue, and tighten the vaginal muscles. This procedure can be performed with a laser. Sometimes vaginoplasty is combined with labiaplasty - a surgery to reshape the lips. Hymenoplasty, or "revirgination", involves repairing the hymen to restore it to its original condition. The hymen is a tissue which is broken the first time that a woman has sexual intercourse.

Another procedure sometimes performed is called clitoral hood reduction, which involves removing the tissue which covers the clitoris in order to change the appearance. Anesthesia Local anesthetic, or local anesthetic with sedation. Procedure duration The Vaginoplasty takes 1 to 2 hours. The vagina muscles are tightened and any excess lining or tissue is removed.,

Patients should follow hygiene advice from their surgeon. Patients will usually be able to walk comfortably after a few days, but should wait 4 to 6 weeks before having sexual intercourse.

Possible discomfort Some bruising and discomfort is normal after the procedure. It should reduce over the following two weeks, however patients may wish to avoid activities which could cause additional discomfort and in particular wait before having sexual intercourse.,

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BLK Super Specialty Hospital
Indraprastha Apollo Hospital
Fortis Escorts Heart Institute
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