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Knee Replacement from $7500

Knee Replacement from $7500

Knee Replacement abroad

A total knee replacement may be necessary for patients who have severe damage to the knee joint and for whom less invasive treatments such as physical therapy are not helping. Total knee replacement involves removing the end of the femur bone and replacing it with a metal shell, replacing he top of the tibia with a plastic piece, and the knee cap may be replaced with a metal surface.

The pieces are held in place by screws inserted into the bone. The plastic piece and the metal shell act as the new hinge joint, which is then moved by existing ligaments and tendons. Your surgeon may also recommend a partial knee replacement if the damage is less severe, which uses more of the existing tissue and removes less bone. Patients whose knees have been severely damaged by conditions such as arthritis or trauma may be candidates for knee replacement surgery. Serious rehabilitation is necessary after surgery, and many patients report substantial post-operative pain.

After the procedure the patient will need to stay in hospital for a few days before returning home, although it is advised to walk with assistance already after 24 hours. Physical therapy needs to start a few days after the operation and should be continued for at least 8-12 weeks. Pain, swelling, discomfort and inflammation is very normal after a knee replacement and can be managed using painkillers and medication.

How much does knee replacement surgery cost?

The average price of knee replacement surgery in the United States is around $50,000, but the cost of a knee replacement varies hugely from country to country. For example, a knee replacement in Germany costs as little as $12,348. The final price depends on whether the procedure is a full or partial knee replacement.

Where can I find knee replacement surgery abroad?

Knee replacement in Thailand . Thailand is a popular destination for many patients from Australia who often pay out-of-pocket for surgery. Surgeons in Thailand often specialize in a specific surgery or technique, and so have extensive experience and low complication rates. Knee replacement hospitals in Germany are known for providing high-end specialty surgeries at lower prices than other Western European countries. Germany is a popular destination for patients from Russia who desire a high standard of healthcare. Knee replacement hospitals in the United Arab Emirates are making the UAE one of the fastest-growing destinations for high-end hospitals with luxurious accommodation. While treatment in the UAE may be more expensive than other destinations, it also comes with state-of-the-art facilities and world-class surgeons. For more information, read our Knee Replacement Cost Guide .,

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A knee replacement is a surgical procedure in which damaged surfaces in the knee joint, or else the whole knee joint, are replaced with metal and plastic components. There are 2 types of knee replacement surgeries: total knee replacement (TKR) and partial knee replacement (PKR). Knee replacement surgery is commonly performed on patients who are suffering with osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis, or patients who have had trauma do the knee bones or joints. Recovery after knee replacement surgery involves physical rehabilitation and the patient will experience a lot pain after the surgery.

Recommended for Knee joint damage due to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, haemophilia, gout, or injury Time requirements Number of days in hospital 3 - 5 days Average length of stay abroad 2 - 4 weeks. After surgery, patients will have an increased risk of deep vein thrombosis, meaning any travel plans must be discussed with the surgeon first. Knee replacement surgery is performed when the joints in the knee are not functioning correctly. 

A knee replacement is a serious surgery, so patients are encouraged to consult with their doctor ahead of scheduling a surgery to explore all potential treatment options. The doctor will take x-rays of the knee to determine whether or not knee replacement surgery is best option for the patient.

Once it has been established that the patient will need to undergo knee replacement surgery, the patient may be given instructions on how to perform certain stretching exercises ahead of the surgery.

The doctor will conduct a variety of tests such as blood test and chest x-ray, and the patient will usually be advised to stop taking certain medications such as aspirin.,

The patient is administered with a general anesthetic and an incision of around 8 to 12 inches is made into the front of the knee. The surgeon will then detach part of the quadriceps muscle from the kneecap. The kneecap is displaced, exposing the end of the thighbone nearest to the shin. The ends of these bones are cut to shape and the cartilage and anterior cruciate ligament is removed. Metal or plastic parts are impacted onto the bone or fixed using cement or other material. With recent advances in knee replacement surgery, the surgery may be performed as a minimally invasive surgery.

Traditional surgery involves making a large incision in the knee, however minimally invasive surgery involves making a smaller incision of around 3 to 5 inches. Making a smaller incision reduces the amount of tissue damage and can improve the recovery time after surgery. Anesthesia General anesthetic. Procedure duration The Knee Replacement takes 1 to 3 hours. The surgeon removes the damaged joint and replaces it with a metal joint.,

Post procedure care Usually patients spend a few days in hospital, but may begin trying to walk with assistance 12 to 24 hours after surgery. Patients will often need to take 4 to 12 weeks off work to recover.

Possible discomfort After the surgery, patients will usually feel tired for the first few days. The knee can feel sore and uncomfortable, particularly when moving it or trying to walk. Patients will often spend several days in hospital, and will be given pain medicines as required.,

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