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Heart Biopsy  

Heart Biopsy  

Heart Biopsy treatments abroad 

Heart biopsy, also called myocardial biopsy or cardiac biopsy, is an invasive procedure to detect heart disease. It entails using a bioptome (a small catheter with a grasping device on the end) to obtain a small piece of heart muscle tissue that is sent to a laboratory for analysis

Why it’s done? 

Your doctor uses a heart biopsy to:

  • Evaluate or confirm the presence of rejection after a heart transplant.
  • Diagnose myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) or certain other cardiac disorders such as cardiomyopathy or cardiac amyloidosis

A heart biopsy can correctly pinpoint a specific diagnosis in 10%-20% of cases.

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Gachon University Gil Medical Center
Imelda Hospital
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