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Gastric Plication  

Gastric Plication  

Gastric Plication treatments abroad

Hospitals for Gastric Plication

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Gastric plication, which could also be referred to as Gastric Imbrication or Laparoscopic Gastric Greater Curvature Plication is a bariatric surgery procedure aimed at weight loss. As every other bariatric surgery, gastric plication is performed when previous diets or weight loss treatments didn’t help the patient to lose weight and the Body Mass Index is 40 or greater and the risk of diseases.

Gastric plication is defined as a restrictive bariatric surgery as it narrows the size of the stomach in order to make the patient feel much fuller in a shorter time. Similarly, to gastric sleeve, this procedure aims at a stomach reduction of the 75%, but contrarily to the sleeve, is not surgically removing part of the stomach, just folding it’s lining on itself with stitches.

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Hospitals for Gastric Plication
BLK Super Specialty Hospital
Wockhardt Hospital South Mumbai
Capital Health - CityPraxen Berlin
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