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Donor Egg IVF  

Donor Egg IVF  

Donor Egg IVF treatments abroad

In the cases whereby the female cannot produce her own eggs, donor eggs may be used so that woman can become pregnant. Premature ovarian failure can be ones of the reasons for using donor eggs. This is when menopause, which usually begins after the age of 40, may begin early on which prevents the woman from producing her own eggs and donor eggs can be a solution to this problem.

The quality of the eggs may also cause the inability to become pregnant. This is when the amount of eggs being produced has diminished, which can be attributed to age, and can cause infertility. In this case, the use of donor eggs may be recommended. In the case where the female has inherited a genetic disease which prevents the production of her own eggs, the use of donor eggs may then be suggested your doctor. Egg donation is in most cases anonymous, however couples also have the option to choose the donor egg from someone they know, if they wish. The donor is usually tested for genetic diseases or disorders. The patient who is receiving the egg donation will normally undergo a round of hormone treatments beforehand to prepare the body for receiving the egg.

The donor is also given hormone treatments. Just as in IVF treatment with non-donor eggs, the donor eggs are then fertilized by the sperm in a laboratory and once the embryo is formed, it is then implanted into the uterus of the patient receiving the donor egg.

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Besides Donor Egg IVF which can be easily performed by highly prepared physicians in high quality clinics all over the world there are many other Reproductive Medicine procedures available abroad. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) abroad IVF Consultation abroad Artificial Insemination abroad,

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Donor egg IVF is an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle using eggs from a donor. Using donor eggs is recommended in cases whereby the woman's eggs are not healthy enough to be used in IVF treatment. The eggs are provided by a donor and the sperm used to fertilize the eggs can be from a partner or from a sperm donor. Before donating eggs, the donor will need to undergo hormone treatment and a procedure to retrieve the eggs.

Many countries have a shortage of egg donors, as the process is physically demanding and is a lot more complex than sperm donation. Eggs may be donated by patients who have frozen their eggs and no longer wish to use them. Recommended for Patients who cannot produce healthy eggs, for example due to premature ovarian failure (POF) Time requirements Average length of stay abroad 1 - 2 weeks. Number of trips abroad needed 1. The laws regarding egg donation vary from country to country, so it is important to do some research. 

Before beginning IVF using a donor egg, the patient must decide if they want to use an egg from a known donor, or if they prefer to use an anonymous donor.

The donor will undergo hormone treatment to stimulate the maturation of numerous eggs, which are then retrieved. If frozen donor eggs are being used, the eggs are thawed before fertilization.,

Once the donor eggs have been retrieved or thawed, the eggs are fertilized "in vitro" and the process is the same as with any IVF procedure. The woman is given hormones to prepare the lining of the uterus for the embryo.

The collected eggs are fertilized in the laboratory, left to mature for 1 to 5 days, and then usually 1 or 2 are chosen for implantation. Donor egg IVF treatment enables a woman to be the biological mother of the baby.,

Post procedure care Patients will need to wait for around a week and a half before pregnancy can be detected. Possible discomfort Possible hot flushes, mood swings, headaches, nausea, pelvic pain or bloating may occur.,

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