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Bunion Surgery from $2985

Bunion Surgery from $2985

Bunion Surgery Abroad

A bunion is a deformity of the big toe (specifically the hallux bone or metatarsophalangeal joint) usually causing it to lean off to the side, sometimes crossing over or under the smaller toes alongside it. The swelling is sometimes caused by a swollen bursal sac or osseous (bone-like) growth at the head of the toe. Surgery is often required to remove a bunion when other methods to relieve pain and soreness are not working anymore. It is often a relatively simple procedure, but may involve a number of different techniques depending on the individual patient.

Bunions can appear due to genetics, poorly fitting shoes, or because of aging and arthritis complications. When the patient feels discomfort caused by bunions a surgeon will perform an X-ray in order to exclude the risk of a cancerous formation, and perform blood exams to see if the patient suffers from arthritis.

Surgery on a bunion usually lasts 1 hour and is done under local anesthetic, so the patient is not asleep but the foot is numb and they won't feel any pain. Many surgeons these days use a laser to remove any osseous growth and then straighten and reposition the big toe. Full recovery from bunion surgery may take 6-8 weeks, as the big toe plays a crucial role in walking and should be fully recovered before it takes full weight again. In some cases, hardware such as screws or pins are used to stabilize the big toe. Sometimes dissolvable hardware is used and will be broken down by the body over time. In rare cases a cast is used to protect the toe as it heals. The patient should expect to walk on crutches for some time during recovery.


The average price of bunion surgery in the United States is around $6,628, but the cost of bunion surgery varies hugely from country to country. For example, bunion surgery in Mexico can be found from $1,308.

Where can I find Bunion Surgery abroad?

As a common orthopedic procedure is easy to find accredited hospitals and clinicffering quality bunion surgery Bunion Surgery at clinics and hospitals in Germany Bunion Surgery at clinics and hospitals in India Bunion Surgery at clinics and hospitals in the United Arab Emirates For more information, read our Bunion Surgery Cost Guide .,

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Bunion surgery is a surgical procedure performed to re-align a deformed joint which has formed in the foot. A bunion is a deformity of the big toe which causes the bone and tissue located around the joint to become misaligned and to stick out. The cause of bunions is still widely disputed, however, it is believed that a bunion forms as a result of wearing tight shoes which apply pressure onto the toe and side of the foot. They may also be caused by arthritis or be a result of a genetic predisposition. Once a bunion has formed, it can cause pain and discomfort when wearing shoes and the skin may become irritated. Bunion surgery is recommended for patients with a bunion or bunions which are causing pain or embarrassment and have not responded to non-surgical treatment.

Most commonly, bunion surgery involves operating on the largest joint of the foot, where the big toe joins with the ball of the foot. The procedure involves removing soft tissue and realigning the joint and bone to relieve pain, remove swelling and restore normal alignment and movement to the foot's joint. Recommended for Painful bunions Time requirements Number of days in hospital 1 . Overnight stay not required. Average length of stay abroad 2 weeks. Number of trips abroad needed 1. A bunion is a deformity of the big toe whereby a bump forms on the bone and causes pain and discomfort. 

Before surgery, the doctor will check the overall health of the patient, to ensure they are healthy enough to undergo surgery. An X-ray of the lungs is usually taken, as well as cardiogram performed to check heart function.

Urine and blood samples may also be taken. Once cleared for surgery, the doctor will advise to refrain from taking any blood thinning medications for the two weeks leading up to surgery.,

The patient is usually administered with a local anesthetic in the foot and some patients may also be given sedation. There are a number of surgical options for bunion removal.

The surgery involves making an incision along the bunion. An osteotomy procedure involves the surgeon cutting open the big toe joint and realigning it to a normal position. An exostectomy procedure is the removal of the bunion from the joint without aligning it.

Alternatively, an arthrodesis procedure is where the surgeon replaces the damaged joint with screws or metal plates to correct the deformity. Anesthesia Local anesthetic. Procedure duration The Bunion Surgery takes 30 to 60 minutes. The soft tissue is removed and the bone is realigned.,

Post procedure care Patients are usually required to wear a surgical boot for the initial two weeks after surgery.

Possible discomfort Discomfort and swelling in the lower leg, that continues for several weeks after surgery is to be expected.,

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